Engineer’s Loan

As a salaried engineer, you can get the opportunity of conveniently paying for expenses. For that, get access to the Engineer Loan against Property. It proves to be a personal financing option that gives access to a large amount of funds.
Loan offering funds up to ₹3.5 crore allows meeting the personal expenses. Individuals can use the loan for home renovation, vacation, wedding, and education costs. Besides, there is the opportunity of consolidating the existing debts into one easy loan.

Compliance Tax
  • You can get a loan of high value that makes it the perfect personal finance for engineers
  • Big-ticket expenditures can be met with the Flexi hybrid structure of this loan. It is good enough for withdrawal multiple times on the pre-sanction loan.
  • It can help in the reduction of the EMI, thus making it quite affordable.
  • The loan application's fast approval and disbursal against the minimum engineer loan eligibility criteria make it easily accessible.
  • The convenient facility of balance transfer with the addition of finances as the up loan over the already existing ones helps in meeting the additional funding requirements.
  • The long tenure of the payment up to around 18 years can give the opportunity of paying EMI conveniently.
  • Simple online application process and quick way of meeting needs becomes the essential part
Documents required
Along with that, one should produce