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How Learning a New Language Can Change Your Life

How Learning a New Language Can Change Your Life

There are many reasons to learn a new language, including some that are eminently practical. Maybe you’re planning an extended vacation or work study trip to another country; learning the language can enrich your time there. What’s more, in the increasingly globalized hospitality and culinary fields, learning a new language can give you a significant competitive advantage in the job market.

Practicality aside, learning a new language can provide you with a major mental boost; it can change your sense of yourself, and of the world around you. Indeed, it’s no exaggeration to say that learning a language can impact your life for the better.

Here are some examples.

Reasons to Learn a New Language

  • It strengthens your brain power. Learning a new language requires you to absorb an entire new system of patterns, rules, and norms. This is an intense mental workout that can significantly develop your mental capacity.
  • It builds a better memory. Learning a new language doesn’t just mean absorbing a new set of rules and vocabulary words. It also means being able to recall those rules and vocabulary words. Studies have shown that this helps you develop a more potent memory.
  • It aids you in task-switching. Jumping from one task to another can sometimes be stressful. Studies confirm that people who slip back and forth from one language to the next tend to be more adept at juggling many different deadlines or responsibilities at one time.
  • It promotes overall brain health. Something else to consider is that, according to scientists, people who speak multiple languages remain sharper for longer, and exhibit a much smaller risk of developing dementia.
  • It improves your grasp of your native tongue. Believe it or not, learning a new language can help you speak your first language more eloquently. That’s because the process of learning a language makes you more attentive to things like inflection, sentence structure, and diction.
  • It improves cognitive functioning. Learning a new language improves cognitive ability across the board… which means it can help you excel in all areas of study.

And that’s to say nothing of the expanded options you’ll have for career paths, professional networking, and more.

The bottom line: There is much merit to taking on a second language. If you’d like to start developing your linguistic ability, reach out to ALZEA INDIA. We’re proudly offering online language instruction during these days of social distancing. Enroll today; it just might change your life!